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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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  • jiggie2g
    Jul 13, 08:55 AM
    Originally Posted by sbarton
    Smallish mid-tower case
    Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.8Ghz or better
    1GB RAM
    250GB SATA 3.0 HD
    1-PCIe x16 Slot
    1-Standard PCI Slot
    6-USB 2.0 ports (One in front)
    1- Firewire 800 port (in front)
    Dual Layer DVD
    Onboard 10/100/1000 (I don't care if its wireless, but a wireless opition would be nice but not necessary)
    Graphics Card should be x1600XT or better with 256mb RAM

    I want it at or less than $1199.00

    Now gimmie

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  • nick9191
    Apr 22, 11:44 PM
    I disagree.

    For a start atheism (ass I see it) is not a belief system, I don't even like to use the term atheist because it grants religion(s) a much higher status than I think it deserves. The term atheism gives the impression that I have purposefully decided NOT to believe in god or religion

    I have not chosen not to believe in god or god(s). I just have no reason to believe that they exist because I have seen nothing which suggests their existence.

    I don't claim to understand how the universe/matter/energy/life came to be, but the ancient Greeks didn't understand lighting. The fact that they didn't understand lighting made Zeus no more real and electricity no less real. The fact that I do not understand abiogenesis (the formation of living matter from non living matter) does not mean that it is beyond understanding.

    The fact that there is much currently beyond the scope of human understanding in no way suggests the existence of god.

    In much the same way that one's inability to see through a closed door doesn't suggest that the room beyond is filled with leprechauns.

    A lack of information does not arbitrarily suggest the nature of the lacking knowledge. Any speculation which isn't based upon available information is simply meaningless speculation, nothing more.

    I don't think atheism is a belief system, but it requires belief. Not believing in a god requires believing there isn't a god. You could say I'm just twisting words there.

    I agree on all your points. I just can't bring myself to completely deny the existence of god, not through fear, but through fear.. of insulting my own intelligence. We can't prove god exists or doesn't exist, it seems impossible that we ever will. So I don't deny the existence of god, I do think it's unlikely and illogical, hence why I lean towards atheism (agnostic atheist).

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  • SRSound
    Sep 26, 12:00 AM
    So say I�m using my 8-core Mac Pro for CPU intensive digital audio recording. Would I be able to assign two cores the main program, two to virtual processing, two to auxiliary �re-wire� applications, and two to the general system? If so, I guess I need to hold out on my impending Mac Pro purchase!

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  • OllyW
    Apr 28, 08:02 AM
    Horrible headline.

    You do not "slip" upwards.

    If you had read the first post you would realise they were in third place last quarter.

    Dropping to fourth is not slipping upwards.

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  • Prof.
    Jun 19, 01:13 PM
    Didn't their slogan used to be "The carrier with the fewest dropped calls"? Or something to that effect.

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  • edifyingGerbil
    Apr 22, 09:37 PM
    Once again, it's the believers who haven't backed up their beliefs with reasoning or proof.

    Atheists simply shake their heads and think, "You folks are really gullible, aren't you?"

    If you're going to assert that something exists, the burden of proof rests on you, not those still waiting for proof, that hasn't surfaced, after more than 2,000 years.

    Theists no doubt shake their heads and think atheists are fools for closing their minds/hearts/whatever.

    Again, how can you prove something that (in theory) exists outside of time and space? In fact, you could say God doesn't exist (in time and space, which is all that matters). But you can't prove he doesn't exist, and you can only prove his existence using reason, which is what Aquinas attempted in his Summa Theologica and Anselm through his Ontological Argument, and many others besides.

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  • zacman
    Apr 21, 03:43 AM
    Ouch, it must really have hurt Apple that Android *smartphones* outsold all Apple iOS *devices* worldwide in Q1 (40 million Android smartphones compared to 32 million iOS devices). So they now are making again strange comparisons that only cover *one* market and *phones* vs. *devices.

    And "largest app store":
    Why didn't Apple give any real numbers here? The last number was 350k in January, in March they said it's over "350k". So how much is it? Probably about 375k now but under 400k as Apple would announce that. Android market now has 325k apps but there are about 35k new apps *per month*. So in one quarter the Android market currently gets about 105k new apps. What's the growth rate in the Apple app store? That's the interesting number to see how confident developers are with the future of the platform.

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  • Macinthetosh
    Apr 28, 12:55 PM
    Agree. Too bad the iMac never took off in the enterprise sector. I remember when I was going to the university in the 90's I saw plenty of macs all around campus. Now the times I've gone all I see are Dell's, and HP's.

    MacBook Pros, iMacs, and iPads are seen everywhere you look at LMU, UCLA, and USC.

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  • Jason Beck
    May 3, 06:35 PM
    Someone link us some malware and viruses for OSX so we can have a looksie.

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  • KingYaba
    Mar 25, 12:12 AM
    The problem is demonizing people who are living living their lives in ways that cause no harm to the person condemning them, nor to any other identifiable person.

    Well said and I agree.

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  • mpstrex
    Aug 30, 10:27 AM
    I have to say, I am APPALLED by the irresponsible attitude of some people on this forum (and probably the world). Businesses, corporations, governments, AND individuals should all be behaving in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. This is in no way "anti-progress". When did you all gain the right to be so selfish, self-centred, and bigoted in your beliefs?

    Edit: Added some more bigoted quotes.
    Edit: Added a couple more gems.
    Edit: One more.

    Bigoted? Wow. I mean, yeah, some of those were crossing the line, but if I exercise my freedom of speech and say that many environmentalists subscribe to ideals and faith vs. facts, does that mean I'm a bigot? Jeez, I've been called worse when I say my opinions. People can say what they want; others certainly do when it comes to Conservatives and the Israelis (Nazis, Zionists, war mongers, etc.--and that's just IN the USA). I don't subscribe to hatred, but before you start labelling anyone who disagrees with your opinions and beliefs a bigot and irresponsible, think about how you're trying to stifle our freedoms of speech. Again, a few of those crossed the line, but I hope you aren't trying to stop us from talking.

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  • jessefoxperry
    Sep 12, 04:34 PM
    is apple.com not loading for anyone else? it was fine before with the new content, now everything in the middle is missing. /itunes /ipod still work like they should. weird.

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  • ryme4reson
    Oct 8, 11:54 AM
    The point you had said before was that the reason x86 sucked was that it was 25 year old technology.
    For all purposes I think the PPC is a fast architecture, BUT and here is the but lets say the factor is 1.2 or 1.3, or 2.0 (for BACKTOTHEMAC) All that was well and fine when the clock speed was not a HUGE gap as it is today. Now I have the fastest Single Proc and my 933 is NOT NOT NOT the same speed as a 1.8PV or Athlon 1800+ Also, the 933 was offered by Apple only a few months ago, where a 1.8 can be had in the low end lines on the PC world where the iMac is supposed to compete.

    My 933 on the 133 bus is only going to do so much. With the 933 they increased the pipelines(just like PV to scale MHZ) and increased the cache. As far as speed, I think Windows itself is fast software(2K and XP, and the x86 as an entire arch is fast (SYS, MEM, CPU, etc) It may not be the most effecient, or crash proof but who cares, its 2-3X in terms of speed FASTER(Machine speed, not actual). OSX.x may never be as fast as its Microsoft counterpart, but the services and UI are of greater importance.

    Also, while intel released 3.0GHZ and new tech after new tech, are you still going to say Apples newest offering in 4 months say (Dual 1.4, with 2 SUPERDRIVES, or some other goodie to direct you away from its slow speed increase) is going to keep up?

    Face it, as it stands x86 is CHEAPER, and FASTER, BUT I avoid PC's at all costs. 1. I live in Cupertino (Home of Apple) 2. I am more than an Apple user, I am a fan of its products.

    This is an Apple site, and I am on an Apple as we speak, but I will not fall for the fallacious arguments you are trying to make

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  • iliketyla
    Apr 20, 07:08 PM
    As an artist who creates work people pay for, I think yer...what's the word? Scum. But I'm sure that keeps you awake at night. :D

    I live in a country of excess. Excuse me if I don't weep at night because Kanye West or Lil Wayne are missing out on my $1+ for their songs.

    If an artist isn't mainstream, I'll gladly pay for their music to support it. But since my musical tastes tend to gravitate towards major artists, I don't think twice when I torrent their albums.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 27, 09:35 PM
    Fr. Harvey and his colleagues try to help people who feel same-sex attraction live holy, chaste, celibate lives.

    Yet he doesn't try to help people who feel opposite-sex attraction to live chaste, celibate lives.

    This is a clear distinction that you don't seem to appreciate.

    There is no rational reason to steer people away from engaging in gay sexual relations.

    Can you argue otherwise?

    But what if changed thoughts and changed behaviors would make people even happier than than they would be without the changes?

    What if you could make people happier by not condemning their sexual orientation and vilifying their sexual acts?

    Would their happiness be as important to you then?

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  • Liquorpuki
    Mar 14, 08:27 PM
    I think part of the problem may have to do with the fact that the plants are designed by engineers. Engineers' focus is elegance: accomplishing the most in the most minimalist way. Nuclear power plants need much less minimalism and elegance than just about anything else humans can make, but costs and other limitations tend to guide the design toward what engineers are best at. Redundancy and over-building are desirable, I believe we end up with too much elegance instead.

    No it's not. That would be architects, and only some of them. And maybe Steve Jobs, if you wanted to call him an engineer.

    Engineering - everything is quantified down to tedium. Every single variable in a design has a reason for being a specific value.

    I also have to ask, if not engineers, who would you rather have design an ECCS for a nuclear power plant? Who else would be qualified to design such a thing?

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  • PghLondon
    Apr 28, 03:52 PM
    Are you? Why do you think Windows 7 sells so well? All Mac users need to buy one.

    Wow. Just... wow.

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  • Eaon
    Apr 19, 02:12 PM
    Also mac networking sucks, pc,s rarely show in finder, sometimes do sometimes dont, have to cmd k far too often, well in my experience anyway.

    I don't think that's so much the Mac's fault as it is the general design of Windows networking in the Workgroup configuration that Apple continues to have to rely on to talk to Windows systems.

    Windows in a workgroup mode uses a method of "broadcast my presence on the network" that you might think is like what Bonjour does for pure Mac networks, but it's of a Windows 95 vintage. Try setting up a pure Windows network using workgroups, not Active Directory, and watch how it can take around 20 minutes for systems to start showing up in each other's network neighbourhoods. It's lame. I know in Vista or 7 Microsoft added a new "homegroup" system, not sure if that's any better.

    I guess you could complain that Apple should try to get up to speed on the homegroup thing, but it's not like Microsoft is overly forthcoming with their specs for their networking. Maybe if the rumours of Apple ditching Samba for something built in-house are true, maybe that means they've licensed tech from Microsoft to make this work better, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

    From my own personal experience, I bring my MBP in to work and plug it in to the AD-based network, and system names start filling up my sidebar faster than I can get the mouse over there to close the Sharing section so I don't have to see them all. :cool:

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  • Chaszmyr
    Jul 14, 02:16 PM
    Can anyone tell me the purpose of dual drive slots nowadays? I can see the use for them (and had computers with) when they were limited to one function, i.e. DVD-ROM for one and a CD-RW for the other but now that everything can happen in one drive with speed not being an issue, is it really nececcary to have two?

    There used to be some software to directly copy from CD to CDR, and this was very common in the days before people had MP3 players... but I can't imagine many people doing this anymore, and I don't know of any software to do this with DVDs.

    It would be nice if you play a game that requires a CD in and won't permit you to use a disc image on the hard drive.

    Mar 14, 01:25 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    You have nothing with no wind.

    Even if wind farms were 100% efficient, they don't hold a candle to nuclear output.

    Besides, we don't have room here in Japan for wind farms so it makes no difference.

    Alternative energy is not a viable source everywhere in the world, plain and simple. That's all I'm saying.

    Nov 11, 07:30 PM
    It is looking good for Verizon to get the iPhone next year. That will take a lot of pressure off the overloaded AT&T network.

    Another benefit, the Apple stock will go up a lot.

    Sep 26, 05:34 PM
    It's not placebo. I am rendering video most of the time. So I'm not wrong.

    What I meant is that you're wrong that I have no experience using a quad-core Mac...not so much on your opinion...

    You just have a different frame of reference than I. Not trying to be right and calling you wrong - just sharing my experience as I see it. We're both right from our different points of view. I don't use the Adobe suite much at all - mainly only ImageReady. So we don't share experience with a common set of applications.Sorry if I reacted strongly...yes, it really does depend on each individual situation. All else being equal, sure, more cores are better. I'm just saying a lot of people, probably the majority of people, don't need and will rarely put to use more than two of them.

    May 4, 11:49 AM
    Safari is not set as a default for me & I only use it if Mozilla is stalling but this is only the beginning for apple with it's continued success comes a lot of security issues for the future.

    Apr 12, 10:19 PM
    They should have just called this iMovie pro, because that's what it is. So, Apple Color is left to die the death of Shake, huh? Wow, crazy. I bet Avid is pretty thrilled with this. It's almost like they said "Let's leave the big installs to Avid"

    It's iMovie Pro yet it retains all features of the previous Final Cut and then some in a modern UI with massive performance gains? OK bro, whatever helps you sleep at night.