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Saturday, May 7, 2011

wallpaper mac os x

wallpaper mac os x. mac os x Snow Leopard
  • mac os x Snow Leopard

  • macmunch
    Sep 4, 06:07 PM
    be bluetooth on the mobo thats why these PM will be released later !

    I red it on macrumors.com or was it thinksecret.com ?

    I red it that I know for sure.

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  • Sun Elipse (Mac OS X wallpaper

  • iJon
    Oct 28, 06:27 PM
    Originally posted by Chaszmyr
    I am not so sure that will happen... Apple likes being ahead of the game... and if you are using the same products as your competition you will never have a chance of being ahead.
    I would rather be with my competition than fastly falling behind it.


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  • MrMacMan
    Oct 7, 05:40 PM
    Originally posted by pepeleuepe
    Well, I just stumbled upon this section for the first time, but I think if the forum was moved to the top of the page, then more people would visit and post in it. This would ruin the awesome exclusivness (<--I think it's a word :confused: ) of this forum. Even though no one seems to really post in here, it could be a nice place to have secluded discussion about MR stuff instead of on the General board.

    Just my random thought after finding this forum for the first time.

    Its 'exclusiveness' and yeah It needs to be moved.

    wallpaper mac os x. -Apple-Wallpaper-77211319
  • -Apple-Wallpaper-77211319

  • Telomar
    Oct 14, 12:33 AM
    Originally posted by alex_ant

    Now that McKinley is here as the Itanium 2, it officially beats the Power4 in both integer and floating point (1356/1356 in the HP ZX6000 workstation)... and that's only at 1GHz.I'd be pretty skeptical of those numbers. I believe those are the numbers that HP came out with at release and the word was that something rather dodgy was done to get them. In virtually every real world test I have seen the McKinley servers have come out behind the POWER4.

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  • monkeydo_jb
    Oct 28, 12:05 PM
    I found a pretty decent fix for TiPB airport reception.

    Try this. (http://www.macnet2.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1095)

    Read the post about a quarter of the way down by WebDiva.

    I was next instructed to eject the battery and look at the right side wall of the battery compartment where I was supposed to find an approximately 5 cm long plastic strip. (My particular powerbook doesn't have this visible -- instead, there is a plate with the serial number, etc...) Still, he told me to firmly press the side wall of the powerbook against the frame, just slowly and firmly pressing along its length several times for about 10 seconds. Next, he told me to replace the battery and start her back up.

    Seems like pertinent information for anyone that has a TiPB w/Airport.

    Let me know if this works for anyone (not trying to hijack).


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  • SC68Cal
    Jun 14, 01:46 PM

    I finally found out what was preventing me from upgrading to Dapper Drake, and I am very impressed with Dapper Drake. The GUI for GNOME is absolutely beautiful. It almost makes me want to buy a cheap windows laptop just to run it.

    I know if I get an Intel mac I'm definetly going to put Ubuntu on it.

    wallpaper mac os x. MAC OS X Leopard Wallpaper
  • MAC OS X Leopard Wallpaper

  • Jasonbot
    Dec 11, 09:00 AM
    How exactly does SETI and other distributed computing work? I mean what if I just "lose" my files that I was computing, the whole project will be ruined. And what exactly does it compute.

    wallpaper mac os x. Mac OS X Wallpaper
  • Mac OS X Wallpaper

  • razzmatazz
    Apr 8, 08:15 PM
    Chopped down versions of the videos I shot...

    uno (http://www.davidmichaelholmes.com/videos/southlake1.mov), dos (http://www.davidmichaelholmes.com/videos/southlake2.mov)

    Nice Videos

    wallpaper mac os x. wallpaper mac os x.
  • wallpaper mac os x.

  • peter2002
    Oct 15, 10:17 PM
    Apple won't be using this 970 anytime soon. 2005 at best, if ever. A new chipset would be required, plus tons of new drivers and all software would be have to rewritten to be fully optimized. Not likely to happen in such a depressed tech sector we got.

    Motorola is all we can pray for now. Motorola needs to stop monkeying around, get off their duffs, stop drinking imported champaigne, and go to Intel and license some of their tech to get the G4 clock speed up to 3GHZ, ASAP. If they did that, we could easily see dual 3GHZ G4s or G5s PowerMacs in January 2003. That is the most viable, fastest, and cheapest solution for both Apple and Motorola.


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  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard Tie Dye

  • MacCoaster
    Oct 12, 09:41 AM
    Originally posted by nixd2001

    It would be interesting to see the code generated for the loops - it won't change the answers but it might give some of us a bit more understanding on the perfomance differences.
    javajedi's Java and Cocoa/Objective-C code has been available here (http://members.ij.net/javajedi) for a couple of days. My C# port is available for examination if you e-mail me.

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  • MacBytes
    Nov 28, 12:48 PM
    Category: 3rd Party Software
    Link: High performance and Macs story grows (http://www.macbytes.com/link.php?sid=20041128134856)
    Posted on MacBytes.com (http://www.macbytes.com)

    Approved by Mudbug

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  • edesignuk
    Oct 18, 04:11 PM
    Power5? Yeah right! :rolleyes:

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  • alex_ant
    Sep 14, 10:17 AM
    Originally posted by nuckinfutz
    Now THIS is more exciting to me than Athlon chips.
    And unlike the AMD rumors, it actually seems plausible. :)

    wallpaper mac os x. Mac OS X Snow Leopard Graffiti
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  • MrMacMan
    Oct 13, 04:04 PM
    Its sad, long ago I had a nintendo it worked fine, I still play and dust it off from time to time...

    Lets see how far people can go back This really is a 2 Part question:

    1. Whats the oldest you have currently?

    2. What is the oldest one you use?

    For me its nintendo and the one I use is N64, Golden Eye baby!


    wallpaper mac os x. Wallpapers / Mac Os X
  • Wallpapers / Mac Os X

  • Macmaniac
    Sep 24, 03:47 PM
    Well I am rather stupid with these quiz things, and I don't remember most of the answers.
    However I do know who was the other Admin. Blackspot was the other Admin, he did most of the story approving.

    Does anyone remember the old icons MR used for Games? OS X?

    wallpaper mac os x. Wallpapers / Mac Os X
  • Wallpapers / Mac Os X

  • MacCoaster
    Oct 17, 04:11 PM
    Originally posted by W-_-W
    The AMD chip is delayed to the same time as the IBM.
    For production or mass-consumption? IBM's chip is starting production (as in, just about to manufacture them) late 2003 so we won't see final products based on 970 until a little bit later.

    Edit: bingo, yes:

    The AMD Opteron is set for early 2003 shipping, the AMD Athlon based on Hammer is set for late 2003 (but SHIPPING, not PRODUCTION).

    "Shipments of the AMD Opteron processor for servers and workstations are planned to begin in the first half of 2003. Shipments of AMD�s eighth-generation AMD Athlon processor for desktops are planned to begin in the fourth quarter of 2002."


    So yes, months before the PowerPC 970.

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  • Josh
    Jun 22, 12:50 PM
    Powerbook G5 is no rumor.

    Wait 'till Tuesday ;)

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  • ibjoshua
    Sep 11, 08:12 AM
    Originally posted by peterj1967
    Just a little fuel for this discussion.


    From Spymac (sorry)...

    interesting speculation that. ( and from spymac too! shock! horror! :eek: )
    i seem to recall a statement recently that Apple would be reintroducing single processor powermacs in the future.


    ps this will be my first century

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  • iCandy for Mac OS X

  • cubist
    Oct 10, 03:41 PM
    ... the tungsten or something like that:confused:

    Macaholic G5
    May 18, 03:14 PM
    Once again. To avoid Tinkers on G3s and G4s. Turn 5MB OFF and leave -advmethods on. G5s can handle Tinkers no problem. Keep up the fold!

    Jul 17, 08:46 PM
    Job's had a 'tar for as long as I can remember. I can't remember *what* it was though.

    Oct 14, 02:47 PM
    Originally posted by nixd2001

    Probably not. The key thing large registers in Altivec can do is "break the carry bit". In other words, depending on the size of the "words" being operated, there is no carry from some bits to the next bit up for additions, etc. Creating this "split carry" architecture would take extra work, followed by the need to create additional instructions to use the capability. I think they'll stick with letting Altivec handle SIMD operations and leave the INT cores alone (IMHO).

    The Sony Playstation 2 currenty, "split carries," as you put it.

    Jun 27, 10:51 PM
    This may come as a shock, but no, not everybody has AC. :D Of course, then again, some of us live in areas where it only gets above 80 for a handful of days a year.

    Well living in Houston, where it gets up to 110�f. You couldn't live without it.

    Oct 2, 06:22 PM
    Lets put OS X onto the PC platform and get the best of both words.

    Because while I admit that the G4 is faster than the P4 on a cycle to cycle comparison, the fact that P4 is pushing 3GHz while we are still at 1.25 is a bit sad.

    Plus you are talking about 533mhz busses and RD RAM, many other hardware issues set the PC platfrom above the Mac.

    I give apple an "A" for aesthetic design and a "D" for engineering design.

    I give Unix and the OS X version of it an A for both design and aesthitcs.

    That is my honest view. BTW I am waiting on a PB with a faster FSB and 1.0GHz because I can't bring myself to spend $3500+ on a PC133 machine!