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Sunday, May 8, 2011

wallpapers for macbook air

wallpapers for macbook air. macbook air
  • macbook air

  • iJawn108
    Jul 19, 05:31 PM
    :) I contributed to these stats I bought a shuffle... now apple hurry up and release leopard so i can give you more sales numbers in Q4.:cool:

    wallpapers for macbook air. Mac Book Air: Pobre Mac Book .
  • Mac Book Air: Pobre Mac Book .

  • Irishman
    May 3, 06:17 PM
    The i7. I actually have an i7 920 in my PC but the sandy bridge is still a good upgrade.

    I'm not jealous :)

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • Frosticus
    Apr 20, 03:12 AM
    Please let the refresh be in the next 2 weeks, I've been itching to get a 27" iMac for ages now, but have been holding out for the processor bump.

    wallpapers for macbook air. 2008+macbook+air
  • 2008+macbook+air

  • RebootD
    Apr 12, 09:20 PM
    Basically: "You Wait While I Render."

    New one will apparently let you keep working while it renders in the background.

    Which was understandable back in 2003 but with today's machines it was downright sad you had to 'wait while rendering'.

    wallpapers for macbook air. Macbook Air 11″ Wallpapers
  • Macbook Air 11″ Wallpapers

  • Nermal
    Nov 23, 08:07 PM
    A slice of cake. I've already eaten it so I don't have a pic... but it was very good :p

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpaper.jpg
  • wallpaper.jpg

  • syklee26
    Sep 1, 12:04 PM
    i don't think this rumor will come out to be true because this might take a lot of people from getting Mac Pro, unless this iMac comes out to be north of $2500, at which point nobody will buy this.

    wallpapers for macbook air. New Macbook Air: newMacBookAir
  • New Macbook Air: newMacBookAir

  • Nameci
    Apr 11, 01:41 AM
    Easy for a stick shift... I can drive almost anything as long as it has 2 wheels or more...

    wallpapers for macbook air. Mac Book Air: Apple Mac Air .
  • Mac Book Air: Apple Mac Air .

  • MS bulldog
    Aug 29, 10:27 AM
    Only if they don't drop prices. Just depends what they charge, if they had core solo for $399 sales would go through the roof.

    hopefully that will be the price for future refurbs

    wallpapers for macbook air. New Macbook Air: New
  • New Macbook Air: New

  • blondepianist
    May 2, 05:36 PM
    So you're saying we should go back to Mac OS Classic cooperative multi-tasking ?

    Hello ?

    The 80s called, they want their computing paradigms back. Cooperative multi-tasking makes sense on ressource limited architectures. Even the iPhone/iPad like devices are far from "ressource limited". We had pre-emptive multi-tasking on much less capable devices (think 386s with 8 MB of RAM).

    I think what he is saying is that programs that are actually doing work in the background can continue running, while those that aren't can suspend iOS style. That is how Lion works. It brings the benefits of both iOS & Mac OS.

    wallpapers for macbook air. Macbook Air: Macbook Air
  • Macbook Air: Macbook Air

  • totoum
    Mar 22, 03:54 PM
    Do people seriously have that many songs?!!! seriously?!!!

    220gb = 50,000 songs?!!!!! That is totally not necessary.

    As mentioned above,some people want to listen to their songs uncompressed.

    wallpapers for macbook air. April Macbook Air
  • April Macbook Air

  • blakdragun
    Feb 24, 06:43 PM
    Here's my mbp setup.

    nice clean setup.

    wallpapers for macbook air. Wallpaper: MacBook Pro
  • Wallpaper: MacBook Pro

  • garybUK
    Feb 23, 05:20 AM
    It's funny because neither GM nor Ford in Europe use their own Diesel engines, instead GM use Fiat engines and Ford use a Peugeot-Citroen engine.

    Wonder if this will be the case in this? Chevy in Europe is a very cheap and nasty brand of car, much like Kia (they are re-branded Daewoo's).

    I also wonder if Auto's v's Manual gears make a difference seeing as 90% of cars in Europe are manual v's the opposite in USA.

    Adanvtages of diesel here are: Better mileage, longer range on a tank, lower tax due to lower CO2 emissions, higher resale value, longer life.

    IMO European manufacturers have had much longer to perfect the technology (i.e. Common Rail Injected Diesel) so GM are up against it here.

    I wonder how it will fare against the likes of the VW Golf's Blumotion that gets 74mpg! Much more than the crappy Japanese cars.

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • codymac
    Jan 10, 10:37 PM
    I really don't car about close racing in F1 as I would just prefer teams the engineering to be unregulated (except for safety). My opinion I believe is in the minority.

    Not at all. I yearn for the days of Can-Am and Group B racing - racing was dangerous and sex was safe back in those days.

    For road based cars, I want close racing.

    That has its limits though. Some of last season's GT1 races looked more like crash testing than racing.

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • SBlue1
    May 3, 01:58 AM
    I think this is pretty awesome. I know that currently all you have to do is drag the app to the trash but it always bothers me that it could leave leftover files in Library, etc., which is why I use AppCleaner. I think having this more streamlined and comprehensive way of removing apps would be a lot better.

    Apple could have adressed this problem by simply popping up a window when you drad a programm icon to the trash asking you if you want to delete just this programm or uninstall all of its data.

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • Porchland
    Sep 8, 03:30 PM
    We'll I guess you guys are right about getting a new streaming airport... looks like the wait time is back up from 24hours to 1-3 WEEKS WEEEEHOOOOOO!!!!!

    Airport Express still shows available within 24 hours, so looks like Extreme is getting updated but Express is not.

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • kfenerty
    Aug 21, 01:43 AM
    you might look knda retarded walking down the street with wirless headohnes people will think your nuts... and wouldnt the traditinal "iPod Headphones" fall out...:rolleyes:

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • mambodancer
    Nov 28, 03:32 PM
    Here's a great review by Chicago Sun Times writer Andy Ihnatko. Aside from being quiet humorous, it brings up some points about the Zune I hadn't known. The article starts out this way...

    Avoid the loony Zune

    November 23, 2006
    Yes, Microsoft's new Zune digital music player is just plain dreadful. I've spent a week setting this thing up and using it, and the overall experience is about as pleasant as having an airbag deploy in your face.

    Read the article here: http://www.suntimes.com/technology/ihnatko/147048,CST-FIN-Andy23.article

    wallpapers for macbook air. So if the apple macbook air 11
  • So if the apple macbook air 11

  • kalsta
    Apr 3, 05:06 AM
    A bit schmaltzy to be sure, but much, much better than the recent 'you don't have an iPhone' ads. This one is positive, and tries to get to the heart of Apple's design philosophy. Notice how the device itself is hardly even seen � just subtle hints of its outline. All the focus is on the display's content and the fingers interacting with it. It's the principle of 'less is more', or minimalist design � approaching the ideal of a user interface that provides the illusion of direct manipulation of virtual objects as much as possible, without getting in your way.

    wallpapers for macbook air. wallpapers for macbook air 11.
  • wallpapers for macbook air 11.

  • Tmelon
    Apr 6, 09:58 PM
    I've also noticed that Spotlight has been pretty screwed up. First off it's been indexing every other day which is unnecessary, and while it's indexing it will say ridiculous things like "35 hours remaining" with it finishing soon after.

    I think they mean minutes. :rolleyes:

    Nov 15, 09:19 AM
    I wonder how Handbrake, iDVD encoding, or Quicktime encoding will take advantage of the extra cores?

    Play Ultimate
    Sep 1, 03:00 PM
    Apple used to have all-in-ones, consumer towers, pro towers, etc. Remember the PowerMac 6400? Too many products is too confusing for the consumer. If that means that a couple of people can't get the exact configuration they want, so be it.

    Many of the people on this thread are too new to remember the Performa fiascos of the early 90's. More than anything, Steve simplified the computer product line into 4 distinct quadrants. The only aberration to this is the Mac Mini.

    re: The iMac being more powerful than the Pro Laptop. IMO, this is a non-issue. Their respective markets are different. If somebody needs laptop, they need a laptop. And the relative processing capability of the iMac will not necesarily change that individuals mind. The true iMac and MacBook Pro competition comes from Dell,HP, etc. Apple's job is to make computers that are competitive to the marketplace and, I feel, they would be ecstatic regardless of which APPLE computer you bought.

    Jan 13, 05:25 PM
    The MacBook Air
    Is Vaporware:p

    [QUOTE=thinkband;4744434]Actually, I think 'Macbook Air' has a ring to it.

    Aug 7, 06:05 AM
    Well I think it's not AMD who is against apple using ATI products.. not at all.. I think it will be Intel trying to prevent Apple from buying from their biggest competitor and rather have them buy at Nvidia (somewhat independant).

    Sep 5, 08:29 AM
    Well something is happening since the store is down that should be good newz for at least today !!!! we should see some upgrade of a kind, probably the mini with some shiny new MBP C2D !!!

    GO APPLE !!! :D :) ;)

    I'll say let's see a mac mini refresh since this thread is about the mac mini (but what I really want is the MBP C2D as well. Here's hoping :D )